Yamada Planning Office is Manga Agency that helps various production companies to link with cartoonists, caricaturists and animators.

 I, Hiroichi Yamada, am the president of this office,and I am also the member of A Japan cartoonists association and Japan animation association.

 Before I started this business I had been producing programs on TV, radio, commercial films, and various events for twenty-seven years in the advertisement agency called Mannensha Inc. which has one hundred eight years history.

 I imagine the companies such as media, advertisement, production, games, and Internet business might be interested in working together with our office.

 Enjoy our website, Manga gallery, and if you are interested in using one of characters, please contact us.

 Besides characters on our website, we have more samples in our office.

 Moreover, you can order to make original characters that you like.

 Although our website is opened for business purpose, we accept e-mails and snail mails to cartoonists, caricaturists and animators that appear on our website.

 As I mentioned above, I am the member of Japanese cartoonists association and Japanese animation association, so that I have connection with a lot of cartoonists, caricaturists, and animators.

 In a future, we are planning to open exhibitions, Manga class, events to get autographs, class to draw a portrait, and etc. As a theme of our plan we offer the word "spread of touching your heart through Manga".

 Furthermore, we are interested in scouting for a new face. We are recruiting her/him on a new face corner, our website. Please let us know if you are interested in.

 If you have question and any comment, please let us know.


 We, Yamada planning office that is Manga agency, are looking forward to working with you.


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Sincerely yours,

Hiroichi Yamada


Manga agency - Yamada planning office

Event management office authorized by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry No.970808

Member of A Japan cartoonists association

Member of A Japan animation association